President’s Address

I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to serve as the 2021 President of JCBA.  I am certainly aware of the big shoes I’ve been tasked to fill- those left by so many who have throughout the long history of JCBA, made a great impression on our organization and in our legal community.  As such, I extend a sincere gesture of gratitude to our Immediate Past President, Shaun Stallworth, who worked tirelessly these past two years to further JCBA’s goals and presence in our community.  I would also like to thank our membership and our sponsors for your commitment and dedication to JCBA over the years.  JCBA is rich in tradition and its members have a legacy of excellence and commitment to the Kansas City, Missouri Metropolitan Area.

I am keenly aware of the challenges facing us in 2021.  Our communities are at the crossroads of two pandemics. The first, a global health crisis, which struck as an invisible enemy, causing thousands of deaths in the U.S., disproportionately affecting minority communities, and the loss of millions of jobs.  The second, systemic racism, which has been present since the very founding of this country, and has been forced to the forefront of our collective consciousness once again.  As Black attorneys, we are not strangers to challenges. It is our duty and responsibility to shoulder these challenges together.  Despite these obstacles, I remain encouraged.  These obstacles present JCBA with the opportunities to continue to champion the principles of equality, justice and harmony.

This year, while you may not see photos of JCBA members at our events or educational programs due to our inability to gather, I can assure you that we will remain actively engaged with our communities. We will provide resources and scholarships to ensure our college and law students are adequately prepared and successful in law school. We will continue serving the community by educating and informing individuals about their legal rights and needs.  We will mobilize to provide election protection and education about the voting process in our upcoming local elections, the candidates and initiatives.  We will continue to provide continuing legal education courses to JCBA members. We will encourage collaboration and networking through our JCBA Connects initiative—please check out the calendar tab for upcoming events. Finally, we will work with non-profit entities and local municipalities on pro-bono programs. The Executive Board will also focus on engaging the membership through our existing programs and finding additional ways to increase member engagement.  Indeed, the aforementioned programs are a good start, but certainly not the end of our goals. We welcome comments from all individuals regarding how we may make a positive impact in this community.

If you are not receiving the JCBA emails or newsletter, please contact us or email us at: The JCBA newsletter not only keeps us connected, but also allows us to highlight the accomplishments of our organization and its members. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook @Jackson County Bar Association. Critically, please take advantage of our newest member benefit by completing your individual listing in our public membership directory.

Thank you for this incredible opportunity to continue to grow our beloved organization, no matter the circumstances. JCBA is resilient. We will overcome whatever is thrown at us and will have an impactful and successful year.

In solidarity,

Ebonie Davis
JCBA 2021 President