Jackson County Bar Association (JCBA)® is a voluntary legal professional organization devoted to promoting the interests and progress of African-American lawyers and African-American legal rights. Founded long before most local and national bar associations admitted African-Americans, JCBA has historically served as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of African-Americans in the legal profession.

JCBA continues to support and advance the interests of African-Americans in and under the law. Today, members of JCBA represent all areas of legal expertise: public and private sectors; for-profit and not-for-profit; and large and small organizations. Through its programs and network, JCBA provides the tools for African-Americans in the profession to advance and prosper in their own careers while also enriching the profession.

By becoming a Member of JCBA, you unite with women and men throughout the United States to advocate for African-Americans in the legal profession. We invite you to join others who, like you, are proud to be engaged in the practice of law and wish to work together to support the social, political, and professional empowerment of African-Americans in the law.


Membership Benefits Include:

Job Opportunities

Access to member only job posting from local and national firms. 

National Network

Opportunities to Build a National Network via programs that bring lawyers and judges together, both nationally and internationally, opening doors to an array of business development opportunities.

Leadership Development

Through JCBA committees, affiliations, and strategic partnerships. There are ample opportunities for members to develop and exercise leadership skills.


Continued Learning with bimonthly FREE continuous education classes on topics that matter most.

Regular Member:

Any lawyer in good standing with The Missouri Bar or the Bar of any other state.

Student Member:

Any student enrolled in an ABA-accredited law school.

Business Member:

Perfect for businesses, consultants and vendors who work with lawyers.